7 ways to gain trust
  • Provide good customer service
    Trust starts with providing good services. No matter how big or small the business is, quality and trustful service should be a core strategy for an online business.
  • Be transparent
    Your clients are very smart. They perfectly understand when you are telling the truth, and when you are trying to hide something.

  • Keep your word
    Always do what you promised. Try to keep your promise. Providing the right service at the right time will help create a sense of trust and reliability. Always set realistic goals, don"t make false promises.
  • Contact information
    Should always be clearly visible in the online store. Provide maximum communication sources through which you can inform buyers about a particular problem. A great way to support this is to customize the chat widget. Online store visitors can easily find the chat window, in direct contact with the operator.

  • View customer reviews
    Statistics show that 61% of customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. Customer satisfaction reviews play a big role in building trust and increasing sales. 
  • Focus on quality
    Some companies are constantly thinking about what big discounts can be made on this day in order to provide the company with working capital. Instead, switch your mindset to the good things in life, like your product or service. If the quality does not satisfy the buyer, in the end, no dumping will save the business. You will fail and the client will find an alternative.

If you want potential customers to start trusting your online store, you need to work with them. Partnership doesn"t always mean aggressive advertising, fake car giveaways, or 99% discounts. Give what all users of social networks need - interesting information, problem solving, positive emotions, readers themselves will begin to advertise you without realizing it.