Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Haysell system license agreement
Familiarize yourself with the terms of this agreement before using the software. This agreement governs the legal relationship between Barcode AM LLC (hereinafter the Executor) and The legal and physical entities (hereinafter the User) to whom the terms set out below apply.
Subject of the contract
The Executor undertakes to provide the User with the Services specified in this Contract, and the User undertakes to accept the result of the Services and to pay for it. According to this contract, the Executor undertakes to introduce the 'Haysell' system (hereinafter the System) and to serve (hereinafter the Service), and the User undertakes to accept the Service and to pay for it within the period defined by the Contract. The Service may be provided by the Contractor at the Customer's venue and/or at the Contractor's office and/or by remote service from the Contractor's office.
Rights and Obligations of The Partys


  • Is obliged to assist the Contractor in the performance of work in the cases, volume and manner provided for in this Contract.
  • Is obliged to accept the work performed with the participation of the Contractor, within the period provided for in this Contract, and in case of detecting deviations from the Contract, worsening the result of the work, immediately to inform the Contractor.


  • Is obliged to provide the User with the necessary and reliable information about the proposed work, its types, characteristics, price, payment method, as well as other information related to the work upon User’s request.
  • Is not liable for the violation of the license terms of a third party organization by the User.
Registration and Security
To use the System, the User must complete the registration process using a registration template that provides the System with complete and reliable information. The User must also fully accept the Privacy Policy, and the Terms and Conditions. The user is responsible for the non-secrecy of his login credentials The User is responsible for transferring personal account information to a third party. Inform the Contractor about this. If the User has doubts about his/her account not safety,couse of it’s stolen, lost, discovered, etc., you must immediately notify the Executor via the email address provided under this document.
Project fee
The system is provided for a monthly fee. The monthly price / monthly fee for the maintenance of the installed system is calculated in accordance with the selected tariff. The User is informed of the need to make a payment in a manner acceptable to the Contractor, while the User is obliged to pay the Contractor a monthly fee established by this contract.
The Executer has the right to change these Terms and Any other Policy applicable to the System. These changes take effect upon publication on the site. If the User continues to operate the System, he/she will be deemed to have accepted the changes.
Term of the Contract
In case of non-payment of the fee provided for by this Contract, the Contractor suspends the service. The User is obliged to pay the Executor for the suspended days of the Service. The User can cancel the Service at any time by notifying the Executor, but is obliged to pay for the Service already provided. The early termination of the contract does not relieve the Parties from fulfilling their obligations to each other at that time.
Impact of insurmountable force FORCE-MAJOR
In case of non-compliance in whole or in part with the obligations under this Contract the parties are released from liability if it was the result of force majeure circumstances arising after the conclusion of this Contract, which the Parties could not foresee or prevent. Such situations include earthquake, flood, war, martial law, political unrest, strikes, termination of communication, actions of state bodies, etc. (which make it impossible to fulfill obligations under this Contract).
Dispute solution procedure
Disputes connected or arising in connection with the use of this Service or any of the Services provided through this Website shall be settled by negotiation, and in case of impossibility of their resolution by agreement of the Parties shall be subject to judicial consideration in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
Suspension of Service
If the User want to suspand the service for more than three months, after submitting the relevant application, he is obliged to repay the existing debt in full.
Return of the provided service
In case of termination of the contract, the prepayment made by you is not refundable.
Privacy Policy
By registering in the System, which involves the registration and submission of personal data, the User agrees to the processing of Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.The User may provide Confidential Information to the Executor for the implementation of the System and for its purposes, and the Executor undertakes not to disclose or otherwise provide the Confidential Information to a third Party during the entire term of this Contract and after its termination.According to this contract confidential information is considered to be any technical, financial, insurance, organizational, commercial, banking information of the user (related to the User's activities) other information that is unknown to other persons has real or possible commercial value due to the anonymity of third parties, there is no way to get it for free legally: The Contractor takes measures to preserve its confidentiality.The Contractor is aware of and agrees that the disclosure of the Confidential Information which became known to him during the term of the Contract may harm the User, for which the Contract will be liable in accordance with the RA legislation.The Contractor undertakes not to duplicate and / or not to copy and / or not to use the Confidential Information provided to him, except for the purposes provided for in this Agreement, in the manner prescribed by law.
<<Barcode AM>> LLC protects its User's personal data registered in the System from unauthorized access, use and / or disclosure. The User’s private informations and all money transactions are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with 128-bit, highly protected encryption, which ensures 100% secure flow of information from the User to the server and vice versa, excluding any third party interference.
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