About us
About Us
Haysell is one of the leading companies in the Armenian market in the field of trade automation.

The company was founded in 2015 and inn 2016 it entered the market with Haysell product. Everything started with the great desire to help small and medium-sized businesses, when we created the opportunity to automate the entire trading process, from the smallest process to the solution of large-scale problems.Throughout our activity, we have valued innovation by developing and providing our customers with state-of-the-art solutions.

The company is engaged in the introduction of trade-control automation systems. In a dynamically developing world, we try to keep pace with the times by offering innovative solutions. The toolkit developed in the system allows our customers to use the services online.
Mission & Vision
Our vision is to become a leading company in the field of business automation in Armenia within the next 5 years and to enter the international market.
Our mission is to create opportunities for the realization of the goals of Haysell users by providing high quality services.

Our goal is to create a multifunctional system for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, which will make the business management process easier and more enjoyable. Being a customer-oriented organization, we consider our mission to facilitate the process of organizing and managing the business as much as possible, to strengthen ourselves as the best partner of any user due to our diligent work.

According to our team policy, the best result of the work is satisfied customers. We create a product that, alongside with being a working tool, tends to make people's lives easier and make work more enjoyable. It is this idea that inspires our team and guides its continuous development.

Haysell is a unifying interface between the complex business world and its leaders. We make that interface as simple as possible, even when it comes to complex processes.

Values of Haysell

We are honest with ourselves, and then with our users․

We maintain the privacy of our users․

We care about our employees, and then about our users․

The result of our determined actions is our fast growing team․

We are convinced that only due to team efforts it is possible to achieve excellent results.

Comments about us
We have been cooperating for more than a year, we have great results in process coordination and automation. Haysell program is regularly developing in accordance with market requirements. They are flexible and ready for innovation. We are very pleased with our cooperation, we plan to cooperate for a long time.
Niko Nasibyan
COO at 4u.am
We have been working with the Haysell system since 2018. At first we used only a sales program, then we integrated an online store. Along with the increase in sales volumes, the organization of work on both platforms was quite difficult and time consuming. Thanks to Haysell, this problem got its most optimal solution.
Vardan Abrahamyan
CEO at SiaMoods
I would definitely recommend integrating into this system to those who run their business online and have a website. The main advantage is the products and their price synchronization in the website. We have automated the delivery system as well.
Karina Hakobyan
CEO at Parma
Since the insertion of the Haysell system, the process of organizing our work has become faster and more efficient. Our staff quickly mastered the System, as it is simple to use and does not require any professional skills. As a possible advantage, I would like to mention the opportunity to follow your business with a smartphone, thanks to which being out of the store is no longer a problem.
Lilit Abrahamyan
Manager at Kokchian
Service is the most important advantage, which is why I chose Haysell. The feeling that the whole team takes care of your work is very commendable. My advice to all businessmen - feel free to switch to Haysell.
Edgar Sargsyan
CEO at Sia Fashion Yerevan
Everything started with a strong desire to help small and medium-sized businesses,when we created opportunity to automate the whole trading process from the smallest process to the solution of large-scale problems
2018 60    
    2020 240
Initially having a small number of partners, we were moving slowly but steadily towards our goal
The progress was obvious. Due to its persistence, the Haysel team overcame any obstacle in the market.
In a short period of time, fundamentally changing the image of the industry and the ideas about automation, we can now confidently state that Haysell has its own place in the field of sales automation in the Armenian market.